BM – SynENergy

The overriding and intelligent Monitoring - Concept.

BM-SynENergy is both process control system and planning tool. It combines the advantages of an efficient, decentralized control system with those of an object-oriented and extremely timesaving planning tool. 

 A system of
  • intelligence
  • smart surveillance
  • transparency
  • individuality
  • customer orientated

Range from small to complex systems without limits. With our system you can create recipes for every process. The recipes will be displayed in a graphical format which is easy to understand for everybody and flexible interfaces to other systems.


From the visualization of the smallest partial plants to the complete automation of complex manufacturing plants – BM-SynENergy offers the suitable solution for any application. BM-SynENergy is able to adapt itself to the individual plant structure. If the plant grows, BM-SynENergy will grow, too. It is possible to upgrade any system individually or to upgrade to the next higher system package.

Competence from one single source.






Our Tool:
  • is in more than 1000 applications integrated 
  • is used in different business lines
  • includes more than 100 man-years development
 Our Concept - your Advantage! 
  • We have your soltutions.

    Always a step before!

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