Paper, packaging and printing

When working with printing, paper and packaging, a constant ambient humidity is crucial, to avoid the quality of the paper decreasing.

To keep a constant flow on the printing machines and to obtain the right quality of the print, you need humidity in the

production area of RH 55%.


• Paper distortion
• Quality of the printing colours
• Electrostatic discharge
• Impaired machine running
• Production stops
• Additional costs

Benefits from Airtec® Solutions
• Faster production
• Higher consistent quality
• Higher register accuracy
• No paper distortion (Rim)
• Less dust
• Pleasant working environment
For each litre of water you atomise into the production area you take away 629 Watt of heating energy.
This helps to improve the working environment for the employees.




Wood Industry


Wood is a natural material and its content of water corresponds to the humidity of the ambient air. The equilibrium moisture content (EMC) relates to the relationship between the water content in the wood and the relative humidity of the ambient air. The equilibrium is of its most important when the wood is processed and stored.

The main problem is occurs in the wintertime, when the cold air from the outside is heated up. When heating up the cold air you can reduce the relative humidity inside the production area down to 15-25%.


• Surface cracking
• Unevenness of the product
• Splitting of veneer joints
• Distortion of furniture parts and fittings or parts for making windows and doors
• Shrinkage of laminate and parquet flooring
• Finish problems when working with water based paints

Benefits from Airtec® Solutions

• Less waste
• Higher quality
• Higher productivity
• Reduced dust
• Pleasant working environment

The recommended level of RH is 45-55%. If the air is too dry, the wood will discharge its own water content into the air, leading to a number of problems.

To get the right quality when working with water based paint,
you need a constant RH of 55-65%.




Thereby avoiding fast drying and
obtaining the right flow level of the paint.    
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