About Us

The BM-Sensor GmbH -
we are an independent, internationally focused company.

Our main focus is to:

  • distribute solutions, systems and products in the field of measurement and energy management

  • find solutions in different fields


Our successful concept is based on
  • independence
  • market Know-How & "domain" Know-How - Corrugated production
  • many years of experience in different fields and branches
  • international Network
  • a qualified, reliable Partner network

We find the right solution together with you.

Our goal is to reduce the consumption of materials and energy with our high quality equipment and smart systems. Make your contribution to the benefit of ALL.



Member of IHK Regensburg - Oberpfalz/Kelheim:



BM-Sensor GmbH - founded 2010.

  • We have your soltutions.

    Always a step before!

Our Focus: