Temperature measurement - save waste and costs ..

Modern temperature measurement technology for different fields.


Humidity has a very big influence on the quality, but also the temperature is very important to know.


If you buying goods by weight, e.g. paper rolls, Pellets, wood ships,... moisture and temperature is an essential parameter and important to reduce costs.


Our non contact infrared measurement offered a lot of possibilities.


Portable and stationary temperature measurement technique for each application: thermometers, thermophile, pyrometers, infrared sensors, thermal imaging cameras, black spots, testing, calibration and further more.


- Handhelds -

- Stationary Equipment's -

- Online - Systems -


- Paper -  Paper stock - Dryer - Textiles - Ceramic - Plastics -...


Optimize your Process!


Cooperation in a new dimension.

We also check your installed measurements tools - We are your specialists.

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