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• Flow meters  and Flow computers for steam, water and technical gases

• Data Loggers

• Converters

• Vibration Meters

• Laser measurement

• Different consumption meter (heat, steam, compressed air, ...)

• Testing of paper, cardboard, and pulp fibre

• Laboratory equipment

• Laboratory equipment for destructive testing

• Wet lab equipment

• Online systems for pulp / paper pulp and paper webs

• Equipment for sample preparation

• Corrugated board and packaging testing

• Laboratory equipment

• Equipment for sample preparation

• Sample preparation: Test plates and other accessories

• Voltage and power quality meter

• Test according to VDE Scope Meter

• Clamp Meters

• Multimeter

• Insulation Testers

• Voltage tester

• Earth measurement IT network

• Gas Meters

• Current and voltage transformers

and more...



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