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The BM-Sensor GmbH protection together with its strong partners
fast and reliable service.

From headquarters all activities are co-ordinated and controlled.
For this purpose, an extensive service network has been established.

Of course, we support our customers also via remote maintenance.


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Utilize our Core Expertise & Experience!

In close cooperation with our partners we offer a wide range of services:

Inspection and calibration Service:

On request we will check your measurement equipment.

Material moisture measurement:

On request, we will determine the moisture or water content of your materials. All we need is a enough amount of sample of your material to be measured.

Laboratory tests:

Together with our partners, we carry out examinations of auxiliary materials and finished products of paper, pulp and fiber board production.

Examination of laboratory instruments:

Together with our partners, we check equipment of auxiliary materials, raw materials and finished products of the paper, cellulose, wood pulp and fibre-board production is tested on it's standard compliant functionality.

Rental, lease equipment:

On request, depending on the application we will also offer rental, lease of measurement equipment(s).

Training, productions monitoring:

We gladly offer an individual training or production monitoring on request.


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